War narrative/ Worries

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For days I have been slow to write about “Homeland”, the American TV series, followed by millions of viewers, that has won numerous awards since its first edition. It ‘a story of CIA agents in Pakistan, hunting the Taliban, stereotypes and errors of edition that would laugh every Pakistani child. But the actors are good and the script cured, and when a product is so successful speak ill is not well, it is a pointless exercise. “Homeland” for obvious reasons is not transmitted in Pakistan, but it is spoken and much on social networks, especially from migrants who see it from abroad.
I delayed and I was wrong, because yesterday reality exceeded fiction, as often happens. The Taliban massacre at the school in Peshawar killed 132 children and 9 adults. The Taliban – we have already written about it in the past – are rewriting their mode of communication, helping to draw a new narrative of war. While the terrorists holed up in the school, some teachers burned alive in front of children, their “spokesman” outside was claiming the  action, as a response to the offensive military “Zar-e-Azb” in North Waziristan, where a  part of Taliban lives and thrives. We want you try the same pain we feel when exterminated our families, they said.
When you live between two worlds, the heart is wrenching to stay away when a massacre of this magnitude affects those dears you hold, and more generally a country to which you inexplicably fond too. Yesterday I spent the day  running behind social networks, news on TV, calling friends on the hunt for more unnecessary details, which certainly did not help to make me feel better. But this is me, and at this time does not really account.
What is important is to understand what happens.

It happens that in Pakistan there is a fragile government threatened by the opposition of Imran Khan, leader of the PTI, which is driving from June (with ups and downs) a protest that is unprecedented in the country: sit in that last months, shutdown shops and activities in the largest cities of the country, oceanic rallies that sometimes bring home some died, as happened last week in Faisalab, due to clashes between militants. Even a single gunshot is not a trivial matter in Pakistan, a gunshot means panic, it means the alert and the unleashing of response actions by the police of a deployment of forces also risky, because potentially may cause more deaths. Imran asks the election commission to re-open the ballot boxes of some of the seats in elections last year, where the votes were rigged. He invites people to write on banknotes “Go Nawaz Go Go!”.
But there are many who say that his one is not a solid political project  and although he has many followers, it is hard to imagine what it could do the PTI once in government.
And then there are the military, who have offered to do the mediators between Imran and the government in difficult times, they have deported a million and a half people from North Waziristan for the military operation that will also have its effect, but that fails to prevent an armed group to get into a school for the children of soldiers in the center of a city and make a killing.
And then the secret services: they are everywhere, so how can they not be able to intercept a risk so high? The newspapers today reported that the police in KP in recent days highlighted the alert and called on schools to strengthen security measures.
Finally, not least, the people of Pakistan who defends the fundamentalists. Not a few, they hide them in the houses, they forage them, the richest finance them. During the years of terrorism in Italy the searches and raids on the homes were on the agenda, the obligation to bring an identity card with us  lasted for years. Why nobody talks about these supporters of death?, posted yesterday my friend T. on FB. Yeah why? We, who have been for years the land of the mafia code of silence, it took decades to get out of the silence, and yet we did not succeed completely. From today, yet many have written in, whoever you call Taliban will no longer be seen as an ordinary citizen, but they will all inevitably joined to the horrible and gruesome visionof 132 white coffins.