Moms and power

Let’s take three “facts” and put them together, forcing a bit the hand, if you want.
First. At the convention of the American democratic onstage there are Hillary and Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea. It was already understood from the previous days that the media strategy experts of the candidate point on her character and emphasise the aspects of private life. So her husband Bill talked about the first meeting, the overcame obstacles (a not insignificant trinkets), the happiness of growing old. And then her daughter, who tells how the mother never forgot a goodnight kiss and how now the good grandmother makes her granddaughter pampering.

Second. We fly lower, on the Italian capital’s sky. The mayor Virginia Raggi is photographed without her knowledge by the weekly magazine Diva and Donna at a time of her private life: in pyjamas, gripper in the hair, she shakes the dust from the carpet of his son’s room on the balcony of the house. The website headlines: Virginia Rays is one of us: at home in pyjamas. It writes: “We like this incursion into the private of Virginia Raggi that cleans the house and slams the carpet from the balcony of her son’s room and sat down to breakfast and go out for a long day of work. Virginia Raggi has now surpassed the first 30 days as mayor and has a busy schedule. In fact, several program priorities: from the Olympics transport up to the hole in the Capitoline streets.
Despite everything she does it doesn’t rise to unattainable mayor and haughty. The human face of a woman during her settlement does not hide the tears. A woman who prefers to be called Virginia instead of mayor. And now we are, like all normal Italian women, struggling with household chores”.

Third. The internationally renowned artist Marina Abramovich declares the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, that it would be precisely the children to throw off women from the art world. Priority issue, in short: “Everyone has limited energy in one’s body – still says the artist – and with a child I know that I had to share it. I think there is a reason why women are not successful in the arts as men. The world is full of talented women. So why do men always hold the most important positions? it’s simple. Love, family, children – a woman does not want to sacrifice all this”. And the press agency AdnKronos headlines: confession shock; the Huffington Post website and social media overflowed crying emoticons smilies to the unborn children, and comments about the artist-devil cruelty.

What is common to the three news? The mistreated, monopolised, exploited but indeed all-powerful relationship between being a mother and women of power at the same time (of course, even Abramovich is powerful in the field of art). What is increasingly questioned by the media and “public” is first of all the “how”: how should show a mother (that’s okay if Raggi dusts but at the same time is criticised for bringing his son at the Capitol door) with all her talent “innate” mind, until the curse in front of a women who declare publicly that has aborted because a son / daughter would have certainly prevented the rise in his profession.

Right up to the race for the position of the most powerful person in the world, which could be for the first time a woman. A president who not only will have to make important decisions for her country (always we forget that it is a continent), such as economic growth, welfare, health and the racial question never dormant. But it will also have to decide what to do with Isis, like coming to talk about the Palestinian issue, how to manage Putin and Erdogan within NATO. Why, in the name of these priorities, should I care if she gave a goodnight kiss to her daughter? And is it an element that gives added value to her quality policy? I do not think, in fact I am quite convinced that the emphasis on family aspects of a candidate risk to be rather disastrous.

And, going back over the sky of Rome, though Virginia Raggi dusts as a normal town woman (I do not, I confess, I prefer to drown), solves the bigger waste scandal in the capital? And if instead of her, the photographer had taken a immigrant caregiver while she was a cleaner at mayor’s home? In this case you would cried foul and investigated the timely payment of pension contributions.

Not to mention Marina Abramovich, who challenges the taboo of abortion and even declared her satisfaction for being a woman-not-mother, horror of horrors, fatal blow to the sacredness of the female body, made to be breed, please and please again, violated, and why not, for being even receptacle of dust …

Female bodies, maternal attitude and power: you “powerful” ladies leave please these children at home, love them secretly, the career woman who is in you will be grateful.